Production of balusters using unique technology

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The studio is engaged in the professional workmanship of decorative ironwork with polymer stained-glass of any complexity and design. We have invented and developed a completely new direction – a unique stained glass technique in combination with decorative ironwork allows creating original in its beauty and style products.

Presented forged balusters with colored inserts made of polymer stained-glass – the original plexus of two arts, which is able to create a fabulous interior in your home. Today the school of polymer stained-glass forging exists only on the basis of our studio, the master of which will help you to create a unique, individual and exclusive interior design.

By choosing us, you become the owner of a unique and high-quality product. Leading experts of our studio are involved in production – those are not only designers and artists, but also professional blacksmiths. You have the opportunity to take part in the development of a sketch or to visit the workshop, seeing how these masterpieces of decorative ironwork and exclusive design are created.

The products of our studio will become a worthy and solid decoration of the interior, Leading designers and craftsmen work on the creation of each baluster, implementing the most complex ideas. The forged products we create can be used in the following areas;

  • for railing of interior staircases;
  • as a unique balustrade, which will give the decor a bright and expressive features;
  • for fencing the internal balconies;
  • as a unique interior elements, setting the atmosphere of any decor;
  • when creating railing, fences for terraces.

All orders are fulfilled on time, the delivery to Russia and to other countries is carried out by reliable transport companies.


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