Production of balusters using unique technology

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Two technologies are used for the production of our products – Forged baluster is created from metal, painted in the necessary shade. Then the artists of the studio create unique, multicolored translucent polymer stained-glass inserts that transform the appearance of the product. By the method of filling with epoxy color resins, the stained-glass window is pasted into the baluster, which acquires a unique individual design.

Stained glass inserts can have any shade and gradient color shading-off, fluorescent pigment additives allow the stained glass to glow gently in the dark, shimmering crystals fascinate, creating an exclusive interior design.

Balusters with polymer stained-glass have all the advantages of forged products with expressive design:

  • high-level aesthetic properties – forged products with colored translucent inserts will give the atmosphere respectability and elegance;
  • strength and resistance to external adverse effects – deformation, impact, humidity, heat or frost;
  • originality and prestige – all balusters are created manually, which makes each product an invaluable work of art.

The best materials are used for work, finished products are water, cold or heat resist, which allows the use of balusters for decorating terraces, arbors, patios or exterior staircases. Our designers will help to realize the most complex ideas, create an individual project that completely corresponds to the features of the exterior or interior of your house.

We have created and offer a unique combination of classical decorative ironwork and our development – polymer stained-glass filling of finished products. This gives the finished balusters a unique appearance and makes the interior expressive and slightly magical. Colored translucent inserts change their shade and intensity under natural light, acting as a bright accent for any decor.


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